Car Servicing in Cwmbran and Pontypool

Extend the lifespan of your vehicle by making sure that you have regular servicing carried out with MotaZone, and remember oil and filters are cheap whereas engines are very expensive. All our technicians are highly trained and have the specialist equipment to work on any make or model of car.

We offer 4 levels of service - our basic oil service with a new filter and fully synthetic oil (not cheap oil like some use) for Just £24.42, our intermediate service at Just £80, our full spec service at just £120 and our bespoke service tailored to your needs. Did you know that if your car or van is under a makers warranty did you know that we can service it with you keeping your warranty and you can still get our amazing low prices, just ask for details.

Half Price Compared to a dealership service, that's what our prices for car servicing are at just £29, so start saving money by switching to MotaZone, our expertise exceeds that of the most common names in the car servicing business.

Safety is the other very important reason for regular servicing, we'll spot any brake, tyre, suspension, steering defects etc. which could compromise to your car's safety.

Service history will affect the car's value when you come to sell it and gives the buyer the confidence that the vehicle has been cared for in a manner that would be expected by the manufacturer.

Car Servicing in Cwmbran