Loyalty Club (only available at Pontypool)
Join today and get a free MOT!

The Loyalty club is now only available at our Pontypool garage, if you are an existing club member and have been using Cwmbran Garage you will continue to get all the loyalty club benefits you previously had at Cwmbran but at our Pontypool garage only, new members who join from now on must use the Pontypool garage only and will get One free MOT when they join, this MOT will be done at our Pontypool depot, new members get the first MOT for just £20 that's £10 off our normal price! and they get all the other benefits of being a member for free, You can book your free MOT for anytime in the next 12 months when you join, so if your MOT is not due yet no problem, it's free at Pontypool when you need it.

One free MOT when you join the Motazone Loyalty Club, so looking at it a different way you're paying just £20 for your next MOT, that's £10 off our normal price!  You can book your free MOT for anytime in the next 12 months when you join, so if you are not due one yet then no problem.

Free Electronic Diagnosis when we service your car (we normally charge £30 for this).  You will also get a whole host of other absolutely free things like free checks that are tailored to the time of year like Winter / Summer / tyres etc,.  As a member if you need a replacement bulb in your car just pop in and we will supply it and fit it for free!! this does exclude "special bulbs" and headlight bulbs (but you will get theses at 1/2 price)*, free "proper" coffee at our sites (non club members pay £1 a cup).

Monthly special offers that only members will get like discounts on the things you need for your car (you will get a text telling you when something is put on offer), if you need to check the level of your oil or coolant just pop into one of our sites and we will check it for free.

As the club develops we intend to add loads of other free stuff and specials as part of supporting our customers and building an extended family and we are looking at a points scheme where you get something back for staying loyal to us, this will be along the lines of the Tesco card where you collect redeemable points.  We are open to any ideas on how we run the "Loyalty club", so if you have any ideas then please let us know.

Why are we doing this? Obviously we want your business after all it's why we are here, our company started with one rule "treat customers fairly" and give a good service at a fair price, this is all part of that mission statement and the loyalty club is all about supporting those who support us.

No recurring membership payments it's a one off payment of £20 to join.  The membership is for the car and the owner until either the owner sells or the car changes hands.

* Free bulbs, terms and conditions apply.

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Motazone Loyalty Club