Car Electrical Systems
State of the Art Diagnostics

We have the very latest state of the art car diagnostics equipment, which is why we offer the fastest and most economical solutions to all car electrical faults.

All cars are now equipped with computers that record faults as they occur these are called Digital Trouble Codes or DTC's for short, these codes help mechanics find problems more quickly, to keep on top we have invested heavily in computer aided diagnostic equipment, it's all part of our commitment to you our customer and keep your costs down.

From a fuse to an electronic module we fix them all call us with your needs.

Alternators and starter motors are very common components to fail on vehicles, we have a wealth of experience which allows us to quickly assess whether to repair or replace.

Complex electronics are in all modern cars, so gone are days where faults can be diagnosed quickly without the use of sophisticated electronic testing equipment, furthermore we're experts in the use of the equipment.

What else can go wrong with a car's electrics? well just about anything, but here's a few: Ignition problems, Electric windows, Heating systems, Lights, Warning lights, Electrical components, Alarms and immobilisers and Central locking.

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