Car Brake Pads & Disks

Getting your brakes checked on a regular basis is an often overlooked essential safety requirement, here at MotaZone we'll make sure that your brakes are right up to the job in case you need to stop quickly and safely.

electric callipers are fitted to many of today's cars (callipers are the part of the brakes where the disk pads fit) if your car has electric callipers and you don’t have the correct computer kit to reset the callipers you can irreversibly damage the car and end up with a very large bill to replace the callipers. Here at MotaZone we supply every type of brake pad and shoe at by far the cheapest prices you’ll find in the Cwmbran vicinity. All makes of cars, vans and small lorries are within our scope.

Drum brakes are driven by hydraulic pressure which is sourced from the master cylinder. Normally found on rear wheels, brake shoes expand against the drum which creates friction to slow and stop the vehicle.

Disc brakes are very heat efficient in that as they are more exposed to the moving air of the vehicle’s speed, thereby dissipating the heat quicker that drum brakes. Brake pads either side of a brake disc are forced onto the disc under pressure from the calliper assembly.

Car Brakes