Air-Con Service
Older vehicles (R134A) £59.99
Newer vehicles (R1234yf) £99.99

Most drivers use their car's Air Conditioning on a daily basis, however not many drivers are aware that the air conditioning system requires regular maintenance to operate efficiently.

With fully automatic air conditioning test and repair equipment we can top up and service your air conditioning system and with a full diagnostic and top up service, please call us on 01633 860606.

Leaks in the plumbing are the most common faults, and here at MotaZone we have the necessary specialist equipment to detect leaks quickly.

Component failure is the next most popular reason for air conditioning to fail, again we can quickly diagnose and advise you on the most economical repair options

Summer months are not the best times to have your air conditioning serviced or repaired, simply because it will be extremely busy whilst other drivers discover that their air conditioning has failed just when they really need it, so why not think ahead and pop down to MotaZone late spring to beat the queues?

Air Conditioning